"No Service Fees or Delivery Fees added at Checkout. First Price You See is The Final Price You Will Pay." Referred To as "All In Pricing." TICKETFINDER.com is a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue. Ticket prices may be above or below face value. All prices are in US Dollars

Q. What are "Premium Seats" or "After Market Tickets" ?  A. Premium seats are best seats in the house.  After market tickets are tickets that are supplied to our website by over 1,000 licensed and bonded brokers and at times the box office.

Q: Who is TICKETFINDER.com?  A: Ticketfinder.com is an independent privately owned company and is engaged in the business of selling tickets at box office prices or less at times as well as buying and selling premium seats and sold out event tickets that may not be available at the box office at open market prices.  Ticket prices can be vary from selling for less than the face value printed on the ticket to Ten or Twenty times the face value printed on the ticket.  Prices depend on supply and demand.

Q: How can I order tickets?  A: Orders can only be placed "ON LINE" at our Trust Guard secure website ordering system.
Buying tickets on line is the least expensive way to buy our tickets.

Q: How can I pay for tickets?  A: We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards and Bank Wire Transfers. We do not accept cash or checks.

Q: How can I sell you tickets?  A: We no longer purchase tickets from the general public. Why? With our vast resources we now get our inventory directly from the artists, artist management, teams, event promoters, venue management, record company and authorized and licensed suppliers.  This assures our clients that we always have real tickets and the best seats at the best prices

Q: When are tickets going on sale?  A: We do not know. Tour and schedule info is provided by the artist management at their discretion and we will post the information at our website as soon as dates and venues are confirmed by management. This information will also be announced by newspaper ads, TV and radio in plenty of time. Our service is to provide you with tickets regardless on when then are going on sale. Most of our clients order tickets long in advance of on sale dates to be assured they receive good seats or any seats at all to major demand events. If your looking for on sale dates for a particular event we recommend you call the arena, amphitheatre, stadium or theatre direct. You will find that information in your local phone directory service. We do not supply phone numbers

Q: When are so and so going on tour?  A: We assume that if your reading this you have Internet access.  Tour and schedule info is provided by the artist management at their discretion and we will post the information at our website as soon as dates and venues are confirmed by management.  This information will also be announced by newspaper ads, TV and Radio in plenty of time. You should also sign up with the fan club or team for complete info and pre on-sale notices.  http://www.pollstar.com is a good place to find concert schedule information. Sports teams websites will help as well.

Q: Are you the same as the event box office or our local ticket agency? A: We sell tickets based on supply and demand.  At times on the day of the event we are selling tickets for way below their face value just to get rid of them before start time.  You should always check out site prior to making a buy anywhere especialy the box office.

Q: How and when will my tickets be delivered?  A: All our tickets are delivered by mobil transfer.  You must have a smart phone to do this.  In the event your tickets do not arrive 24 hours before the event date contact us.

Q: Do you sell tickets to camp grounds or theme parks such as Disneyland or Marine World etc?  A: No we do not. Most theme parks and camp grounds handle there own ticket sales. Call information in the area code of where the theme park or camp grounds are located to get their phone number and call them direct for this information.

Q: Can we pick which section and row we want?  A: In most cases yes. You can always be assured that the tickets we deliver will be as described next to the price at our website and is also detailed on your order reciept.  If you select our upgrade option we will do our best to send you better seats at no additional charge.  Location of seats may be changed from your original order based on our years of experience the the venues suggestions.

Q: Can you get backstage passes? A: No we can not. Backstage passes are kept to a minimum for security reasons.

Q: Will prices go down as we get closer to the date?  A: Prices can change based on supply and demand.  Generally as we get closer to the date our ticket selection is limited or we may have no tickets left at all.  Those changes are made by the listing ticket suppliers and not us. 

Q: How do we know that the tickets are genuine tickets?  A: By purchasing from a licensed ticket broker you can be assured that we have taken the necessary precautions to guarantee that they are genuine. We verify all of our sources for tickets and only buy from those that are reliable.  We provide a full money back guarantee should you find your tickets are not real which has never happened with our company.

Q: Do you sell odd numbers of tickets?  A: In some cases yes.  But in some cases you can not take an odd number of tickets out of a group with an even quantity such as 3 out or 4. Too purchase an odd set of tickets such as 3, take them from an odd number grouping such as 5 or 7. The reason is that we do not want to end up with single seats. For events that are general admission we do sell odd numbers unless we are down to the last pair of tickets.  Check your event.

Q: Why are tickets above or sometimes below face value at your website?  A: Tickets are being sold at "Open Market Price". This means that the ticket brokers are also buying them at well above face value or may be selling them at a loss for a slow moving event. Basically if someone is selling their tickets to a major event, they generally want to sell them for what they are worth. The majority of the price of the ticket is usually the cost for obtaining them.

Q: I am looking at your website and do you have the tickets posted available?  A: Yes we do, but as we approach the last hours to an event date the listed tickets may be sold and not updated. If your event is taking place today contact us for exact availability, currant market prices and any special conditions that may apply. We try to respond to all text and emails within 15 minutes.

Q: What is a "Broker"?  A: A Broker is defined as "One hired for a fee to negotiate purchases, contracts, or sales". A ticket broker does just that. There are people that want to sell their tickets and there are also people that want to buy those same tickets. There are 2 ways that a broker can do this. The broker can buy the tickets outright from the seller and hope that they can sell them. If the market drops or the tickets don't get sold the broker incurs the loss. The second way is the broker could take the tickets from the seller on consignment and keep a fee if they are sold. Either way a ticket broker puts the buyers and the sellers together for a fee.

Q: Isn't it illegal to sell for more than face value? A: No. It does generally require a license and set of standards to follow. All states require a license and in some cases a cash bond for consumer protection to be held either privately or through an association. By purchasing through a licensed ticket broker you can be assured that you are dealing with a reputable broker. We are licensed to sell in 98% of the markets and will notify you if we can not. All transactions that we handle meet all state and local provisions.

Q: Isn't it true that if it was not for all the ticket brokers that buy the tickets that there would be plenty of seats for the fans?  A: No. Ticket brokers generally have a very small percentage of seats to any event and it does not affect availability at all. Most shows that are sold out would not even come close to having enough seats for all the fans wanting to attend. In some instances tickets are sold in advance to fan club members, sponsors, alumni, season ticket holders and residents of the city were the venue is. So you see it is important to have a relationship with a reputable ticket broker who can access all of the available sources on you behalf.

Q: Can you sell tickets to events in New Jersey and New York?  A: Yes we can.  

Q: Don't ticket brokers purchase large blocks of tickets that are never offered to the public?  A: No. Most performers and sports teams assure that this does not happen. Promoters make sure that the tickets are not sold in advance and impose limits when they go on sale so that one person can not buy a large block. The tickets that brokers have available are usually purchased at the general public on sale a couple of seats at a time. For some events we may have our own season tickets in stock.

Q: What are after market ticket prices?  A. After market prices are based on supply and demand for the ticket you want to buy. The after market or open market price has nothing to do with the face value printed on a ticket. It has all to do with the price clients are willing to pay for the event and seat location of the ticket. When the box office is sold out the open market prices for tickets will be much higher than the face value printed on the ticket. If you think ticket prices are too high then don't buy them. If performers and sports team owners see that fans are not buying tickets as they raise the prices they will lower them.  Over 50% of our ticket sell for below face vaule for events that do not have a high demand.

Q: Are the prices at your website for one or two tickets?  A: All prices posted at our website are per ticket. For some events which have complete tour packages, the price is per person based on double occupancy and will be listed as such.

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