"No Service Fees or Delivery Fees added at Checkout. First Price You See is The Final Price You Will Pay." Referred To as "All In Pricing." TICKETFINDER.com is a resale marketplace, not a box office or venue. Ticket prices may be above or below face value. All prices are in US Dollars


No Service Fees or Delivery Fees added.  First Price You See is The Final Price You Will Pay.  This is called "All In Pricing"

Governing Use of This Website and Our Services
Please read this page carefully and in its entirety as it details important information on our terms and conditions you are agreeing to when utilizing our website and services.


To assure fans' safety during these uncertain times, all tickets are subject to restrictions and requirements put in place by venues, teams, or government authorities as it pertains to proof of COVID-19 vaccination, proof of negative COVID-19 test, social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment, age restrictions, or similar measures (see venue/team website for more details). If the event is held without fans, you will receive a refund as if the event were cancelled.

Agreement; Terms and Conditions
By visiting, using or ordering from this website, you expressly agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions and to adhere to these Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws and regulations governing this website.

If you break these Terms and Conditions, TICKETFINDER.comTM reserves the right to prevent your future use of this website, cancel your ticket order, and/or take appropriate legal action and remedies available against you.

Changes in Terms and Conditions
TICKETFINDER.comTM, the owner and operator of www.TICKETFINDER.comTM reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Posting updated Terms and Conditions on this site will make the new Terms and Conditions effective immediately and binding on all users of this website without exception. Therefore, please check this page of the website periodically for updates.
TICKETFINDER.comTM is an independent company engaged in the business of buying and selling "premium" and "sold out" tickets for all concert, theatre and sporting events worldwide. We are not affiliated with any, artist, promoter, sports team, agent, box office, theatre or venue.

Any reference to specific events herein is made only for the clear identification and reference for potential clients of TICKETFINDER.comTM, and reference to a specific event or use of photographs is not intended to imply nor should it be understood or assumed that TICKETFINDER.comTM is endorsed by, sponsored by, approved by or otherwise affiliated with the organizers and/or sponsors of events referenced herein unless expressed otherwise.Purchaser accepts conditions printed on the ticket. All prices quoted by TICKETFINDER.comTM reflect our cost of obtaining seating and may be sold for less than face value printed on the tickets or a premium over the face value printed on the ticket.

Prices listed by TICKETFINDER.comTM for highly popular events often have fewer seats available than the number of people who want them. This means the tickets that are available tend to rise in price until the supply exceeds the demand. This is a classic example of market-based pricing. We see this regularly in the airline and hotel industries; flights and rooms for holiday weekends are always more expensive than at other times of the year. The resellers on TICKETFINDER.comTM are constantly monitoring this demand and prices adjust accordingly. However, for events that aren't in high demand, tickets can often end up being offered below their original face value, resulting in great deals for consumers who are bargain hunting.

The purchaser acknowledges that any additional costs above face value reflect the value of the package or service being provided pursuant to any statue the event location state may impose. Sales tax, if required and shipping costs are included in the total sale price on all orders.
Your total cost along with "Terms and Conditions of Sale" will be disclosed before you complete your purchase. Completion of all sales from TICKETFINDER.comTM confirms that client has read and agrees to all Terms and Conditions of Sale
TICKETFINDER.comTM is not responsible for technology failure issues, theft, loss, delay, destruction (do not leave tickets in direct sunlight or excessive heat) or displacement of any tickets once delivered to the client.

TICKETFINDER.comTM is not responsible for any changes in performer changes, event times, dates, schedules, venue changes or stage configurations. For postponed events, rescheduled dates or rescheduled times there will be no exchanges or refunds. Tickets are valid for the new date and/or new start time. It is client's responsibility to attend this event and TICKETFINDER.comTM will not be liable for any costs incurred by client under these conditions. 
   10a. In the event of client illness or uncontrollable accident that forces a cancellation by the client it’s up to the event promoter or event venue box office refund policies with no other options.  Understand these            conditions are in the control of our tickets suppliers and do vary somewhat from supplier to supplier. 

Should the event be canceled for any reason other than an act of God (rainout, earthquake, flood, pandemic, hurricane, fire, ETC.) delayed travel arrangements, war, terrorism, strike or lockout and the event is not rescheduled; customer must provide receipt and unused tickets back to TICKETFINDER.com within 10 days. You will receive a full refund less any shipping or non-refundable service charges incurred from the vendor, stadium, promoter and city or state taxes. In the event of an act of God cancellation as described above no refund, credit towards future purchase or future discounts will be made unless

TICKETFINDER.com is able to receive a refund, credit or future event discount from the event promoter. Any adjustments will be at the sole discretion of TICKETFINDER.comTM, ticket suppliers and its owners.  If your sick and try to attend an event and your turned away because of a tempenture check or not following social distance polices that is your responsibilty and no refund.
FREE delivery can be by Event Will Call Box Office Pickup, Express Courier Service, USPO, FedEx, UPS, email delivery, mobile cell phone transfer or Private Hand Delivery.  FREE delivery method which is guaranteed to be in time for your event is at the discretion of TICKETFINDER.com.

For some transactions we may request a photocopy of your credit card and a picture ID such as a driver's license. In the rare event that this is required for your transaction you will be notified before the sale is complete. This information is strictly confidential and is for protection against fraudulent use of your credit card. Information supplied is for the sole use of TICKETFINDER.comTM and your credit card company. In some case where total sale exceeds company policy a bank-to-bank wire transfer may be requested.
All rights reserved. All trademarks and logos used herein copyright of their respective owners.
Although you received a confirmation at the end of your web site purchase the transaction is pending approval until TICKETFINDER.comTM has verified all the information supplied by client. All transactions are subject to credit card, client and billing information verification and are in a pending status until approved by TICKETFINDER.comTM.  A transaction is complete once supplied information if verified and TICKETFINDER.comTM receives an authorization, from your credit card company for the total amount due or confirmation of receipt of a bank wire transfer for the amount in full in U.S.D. In the event any transaction is not approved you will be contacted by TICKETFINDER.comTM no later than the next business day.
TICKETFINDER.comTM obtains tickets for events in various fashions and at various times. Client acknowledges TICKETFINDER.comTM may not be in possession of these admission tickets at the time this agreement is entered.
TICKETFINDER.comTM will not be responsible for any expenses as a result of client not attending this event for any reason.
There are NO cancellations, refunds, or exchanges regarding any sale. All sales are final.
Ticket Purchase Policy
Pursuant to California law, TICKETFINDER.comTM hereby discloses that the purchase price of the tickets contains a service charge or profit which may have been added to the face value of the tickets, see number 6 above, and that, as of the date of your purchase, TICKETFINDER.comTM may have no contract to obtain the tickets at a certain price from a person in possession of the tickets, or from a person who has a contractual right to obtain the tickets from the primary contractor, and may not be able to supply tickets at the price or range of prices identified or advertised on this website. TICKETFINDER.comTM agrees to use its best efforts to procure and to deliver the tickets described.
Note that online orders placed after 5PM US Pacific Standard Time on weekdays or at any time on weekends may not be processed until the next working day unless the ticket/s is listed as an instant download or mobile transfer.
Also, should TICKETFINDER.comTM fail to deliver to a BUYER the full quantity of tickets contracted for, TICKETFINDER.comTM's sole obligation or liability shall be limited to the return to BUYER of any deposits and/or payments for undelivered tickets previously made by BUYER to TICKETFINDER.comTM under this Agreement.
TICKETFINDER.comTM. shall not be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages or for loss or expense directly or indirectly arising from TICKETFINDER.comTM's obligations under this Agreement, and BUYER agrees to waive any additional rights or remedies conferred upon it now or in the future under California law.
Due to policies set forth by the organizers of the events for which tickets are sold on this website, TICKETFINDER.comTM cannot issue exchanges or refunds after BUYER has placed an order, unless TICKETFINDER.comTM is unable to fulfill the order.
All users and visitors of this website agree to indemnify and hold TICKETFINDER.comTM, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents and other partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of this website, including your use of this website to provide a link to another website.
TICKETFINDER.comTM is an independent, privately owned company engaged in the business of buying and selling tickets at a premium for sporting events, concerts, and theatre. The amount that may be charged over the face value of the tickets represents our fair compensation for the difficulty involved in obtaining premium seating to hard-to-get and sold-out events.
Delivery Fees
All orders with TICKETFINDER.comTM   include FREE Delivery in Time for The Event.  The final choice of delivery method is determined by TICKETFINDER.comTM.
If "Upgrade requested seats are not available" box if checked "YES" it is at the discretion of TICKETFINDER.com and/or its suppliers to determine which replacement seats are an upgrade.  NO additional fees or charges will be taken for any upgrades.  Any upgrade or seat replacement will be of equal value or better than the original tickets on the order.
TICKETFINDER.comTM is in no way affiliated with any box office or official organizers (e.g. NFL, MLB, NBA, NFL, FIFA, ATP, NBA, NCAA, ETC) of the events for which we obtain tickets.

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